Bangkok Photo Exhibit Portrays Plight of Myanmar Refugee

The United Nations estimates that nearly 1 million people have been internally displaced since the takeover and tens of thousands of people have either left the country or are camping along the 1,500-kilometer-long border with Thailand. Organized by SEA Junction, the work by photographers Yan Naing Aung, Zin Koko, media collective Visual Rebellion Myanmar, and Aung Naing Soe documents the plight of villagers displaced by the conflict between December 2021 and March 2022.

Challenges of A Displaced Housewife

It is very challenging to live in such a chaotic, collapsed, and lawless situation (a kind of failed state) in Myanmar. It affects a family’s unity, happiness, economy, and social status. There is no peace everywhere, not only in the family but in our minds as well as among relatives. I believe that the problems will be lessened once the country is back to normal. This experience taught me that politics is for everyone in the country.