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University Scholarships application for Myanmar students studying in Thailand (International- – Bachelor)

March 15

General information and instructions

Child’s Dream Association awards scholarships for selected undergraduate programmes leading to a bachelor degree in Thailand.

Scholarships will be granted on the basis of factors including: financial need, academic and work record, and applicant’s long-term plans. Scholarships are prioritized for applicants who plan to focus on the development of their country.

General information

New students are selected in an open competition once a year.

A Child’s Dream scholarship covers 100% of student funding for all years of study, and broadly include:
1. Tuition and other fees (e.g. university fees, visa fees, etc.)
2. Supplies (e.g. uniforms, books, stationary)
3. Living cost (e.g. rent, food, transportation)
4. Other / Emergency (case by case basis)

Scholarship students are required to maintain student status throughout the period of their scholarship and abide by all the terms and conditions outlined in a separate grant letter and yearly budget agreements signed by the scholarship recipient.

Eligibility criteria

1. Nationality: must be a Myanmar national and have or be able to get a Myanmar ID card or passport. If applicant has other ID or no ID, they must clearly demonstrate Myanmar connection to a Myanmar community and be able to get accepted to university and obtain a university degree (graduate) with no ID.
2. Age: must be aged 30 or younger at application deadline.
3. Financial need: must have a need for funding, for example: the family’s situation is poor, parents cannot support study in a university, or they do not have parents.
4. No other scholarship: must not be receiving partial or full funding from other scholarship organizations. Tuition fee waivers or other financial support from universities is OK.
5. For most undergraduate study programmes, applicants must have a minimum of 12 years of previous education Myanmar matriculation examination/10 standard plus two years of university study) or a certificate facilitating university admission (e.g. General Educational Development degree/ GED). Please check this carefully before applying to university and our scholarship. You must be sure you are eligible.
6. Students must demonstrate proficiency in English and/or Thai, depending on their study programme.
7. Students who are UNHCR registered are not eligible.

Other eligibility notes

• It is every applicant’s own responsibility to apply to university on time and obtain university admission. Applicants should do this independently from this scholarship application.
• This scholarship supports full-time study leading to a bachelor degree; part-time degrees are not eligible.
• Distance education programmes are not eligible for funding.
• Language preparation or university-preparation courses which are not part of the degree credits are not supported, for example classes before starting Year 1 are not supported.
• Scholarships for family members of students who have a scholarship from Child’s Dream are not prioritised. Failure to disclose this information correctly in this application form could result in immediate cancellation of the scholarship.
• Students currently studying at university are not prioritized and will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, i.e. other scholarship organization can no longer support; the majority of scholarships will be given to students who will start in their first semester of the first year.


January 2020 to February 2020 – Distribute application forms
15 March 2020 – Application deadline
March 2020 – Scholarship team screens all applications and decides on a shortlist for interviews and invites successful applicants to interviewing. If you do not hear a reply from us by the end of March, your application was not successful.
April 2020 – Scholarship team runs personal face-to-face interviews with short-listed candidates
Mid-May 2020 – Interviewees are informed by e-mail about the outcome of the scholarship application; unsuccessful candidates are informed.
May 2020 – Scholarship team makes offers of scholarships
May/June/July 2020 (depends on university) – Students apply to university and get admission. Please be aware that some universities have early application deadlines and some universities require you to sit an entrance or placement exam
June to August 2020 – New scholarship students sign grant letters and budget agreements
Usually August; depends on each university – Study starts

Next Session 2/13 Universities and Majors supported in 2020 by Child’s Dream Association


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March 15
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