Harsh life at sea


Brief Description

This series focuses on migrant workers in the Thai seafood and fishing industry. As the photographer, Mahmud  Rahman, writes: “I have spent hours during the day in a fishing pier. A vessel arrives, the workers on board unloads the fish, sort the fish, clean the boat, load fresh supply of food, mend nets and the loudspeaker from the captain’s deck urges to leave for fresh catch. It is maximum productivity using undocumented laborers. I haven’t seen any worker leaving the pier for a stroll. It is a $7 billion a year industry and an average pay is below 10$/day with non-stop work.” Photographs were taken in various port locations in Thailand between 2012 and 2014.



Mahmud Rahman lives between Dhaka and Bangkok and works as documentary photographer on social issues. His major work includes: Bangladeshi women, children in difficult circumstances, trafficking of women and children in Bangladesh, river gipsy, indigenous people. Mahmud published several books (only available in Dhaka) as the end product of his self-assigned projects.

As a visual advocacy campaigner in Bangladesh, he uses his work to raise awareness through photo exhibitions and participatory workshops with selected groups in rural and urban areas, especially targeting the youths. His blog can be found at: mahmudmaphoto.blogspot.com.