Brief Description

SEA Junction celebrated its 1st year anniversary on the 25th of June 2017. For a year already, SEA Junction has strived to realize its aim of facilitating sharing of knowledge and experience on Southeast Asia, whether that be about cultural, economic, political or development themes. We have provided an open library and reading room accessible to everybody with an interest in the topic and we have held a wide range of well-attended events such as book launches and fairs, movie screenings, public lectures, arts and crafts workshops, music concerts and panel discussions.

Other events related to the Anniversary were:

24 and 25 June 2017, 10.30 AM – 7.30 PM 
During both days a bazaar held, on 24 June in front of SEA Junction and on 25 June in the first floor of BACC in front of Art Cafe. The bazaar will offer for sale books, glass paintings, photos, crafts and other goods donated to SEA Junction for fund raising purposes.

24 June 2017, 5-7PM at SEA Junction 
Panel discussion on Seeking Health Across the Border as part of the series “ASEAN People in Flux”. The panel discussion to be held at SEA Junction on 24 June at 5PM.

25 June 2017 (5-9PM) at SEA Junction
Reflections on 1st Year of SEA Junction and dinner with Founding Partners, contributors and volunteers.



Murshid Hasan Shapon, Rosalia (Lia) Scirotino and Yanin Wongmai