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SEA Junction, in collaboration with the Indonesian Diaspora Network in Thailand, provided Angklung musical classes on 8 and 22 April at 1.30PM – 3.00PM.  Our teacher was Iwan Gunawa, an art teacher at the Indonesian School of Bangkok (SIB) who has performed in many events in Indonesia and Thailand.

The Angklung is a musical instrument popular across Southeast Asia, which originated from the provinces of West Java and Banten in Indonesia. The instrument is made of bamboo tubes attached to bamboo frame that have a resonant pitch when struck. The musical sounds are attained shaking the instrument. Musicians play different notes that combined make up a melody. On November 18 2010 UNESCO officially recognized the Angklung as a masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage.


Classes consisted of 1) Introduction to Angklung; 2) Demonstration of Angklung 3) Learning, practicing and playing together.



Rosalia (Lia) Sciortino, Yanin Wongmai and Christian Saragih