A troupe from the Yogyakarta Indonesian Institute of the Arts and Theater KQ Yogyakarta played a spectrum of traditional and contemporary performance arts from Indonesia on Sunday 14 January at 5-6.30 PM in the Auditorium, 5th Floor Bangkok Arts and Culture Center (BACC). This unique event, using a combination of live and recorded music, was organized by SEA Junction in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bangkok, Thailand. The centerpiece was a contemporary theater and dance piece with movements derived from various Indonesian traditions, “Awesome Archipelago”, expressing the theme of national unity among religious and ethnic diversity and the threats to it as expressed in a Javanese folk performance of terrifying masked demons that will raise everyone’s hairs. The program also featured a graceful blessing dance from Central Java, “Flower of Homage” and a lively Chinese-influenced piece with martial arts and mask, both danced by women. Two contrasting dances with the theme of gender-change shown a Balinese woman as a dynamic warrior, Panji Semirang, and “Refined Wanderer” which features a female serpent disguised as a refined Javanese king. Lastly, a performance called Enggang which is a stylized bird dance of the Dayak people in Kalimantan, the performance imitates graceful motions of the Hornbills. This dance is usually performed to honor the ancestors.

Before the performance, there was an introduction workshop by dancer Agus Sukina at 11AM-12.30PM  which was open to all.

Photos by: Rosalia Scoirtino and Kanyawee Seedabut