Introduction to Indonesian sambal by Rahung Nasution


Brief Description

In the morning of 4 September 2016, SEA Junction held its first culinary class as part of a two day program “Food for Thought, Food to Taste”, which also included the screening of the documentary Pulau Buru: Tanah Air Beta (Buru Island: My Homeland) followed by discussion with Producer Wisnu Yohar and Director and self-made Chef Rahung Nasution.

In the class Rahung introduced sambal (Indonesian chili paste) to an enthusiastic audience. After explaining what sambal is, how it is made and its great regional diversity, Rahung showed how to make six different types of sambal including sambal matah (raw shallot and lemongrass) of Bali and sambal Namiura of North Sumatra. At the end, participants enjoyed tasting the various sambal with accompanying dishes.



Feni Murdoch, Maya, Yanin Wongmai, Dewi Ratnawulan, Catha Maria, Lulu Sri Morisonya Mauludianna and Fara Singgih