Brief Description

The 1st event of the “Rice of Southeast Asia” series, organized by SEA Junction in collaboration with Asiatopia International Performance Art and E-Shann Way Magazine, focuses on rice as a core element of Southeast Asian cultures. To launch, on 13 May, Tongtham Natjumnong focused on ancient ‘rice culture’ centered on rice cultivation at the root of mainland Southeast Asia societies before Buddhist-Brahmin influence. Also in collaboration with Jim Thompson Farm, Serng Bong Fai parade and rice blessing ritual was performed and E-san music was played by Yuthapong Maatwiset and his band.

Tongtham Natjumnong, editor of Siam Rat newspaper and E-Shann Way Magazine, historians, poet, political commentator



Eva Rapoport, Murshid Hasan Shapon, Rosalia (Lia) Sciortino, Yuthapong Maatwiset and Yanin Wongmai