Brief Description

On 28 January 2017, SEA-Junction launched the weeklong exhibition on migrant worker in the Thai fishing industry. In the launching day, a panel discussion was held to highlight the issue by sharing perspective derived from years-long observation of migrant workers conditions by Mahmud Rahman, the photographer, and also analysis of the exploitative conditions of migrants in the fishing industry by Sompong Srakaew and Phil Robertson. After the talks of the panelist, SEA Junction opened the floor for the narratives of migrant and Thai workers who have endured accidents and abuses. The photo exhibition was exposed for a week on 28 January-5 February at SEA Junction.


  1. Mahmud Rahman – Photographer
  2. Phil Robertson – Deputy Director for Asia of Human Rights Watch
  3. Sompong Srakeaw – CEO&Founder of the Labour Rights Promotion Network



Rosalia (Lia) Sciortino.