Since its debut in 2005, the annual peace studies programs have empowered a network of community leaders, activists and scholars from across the world. The School of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation focuses on understanding peace and conflict in local, regional and international contexts, conflict analysis, its positive transformation, violence prevention. Participants will gain skills relevant to peace-building and creative peace advocacy and actions from grassroots, national and international levels.

The International Institute of Peace and Development Studies held the School of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation Course for peace activists, community development workers and scholars, journalists, youth, women and religious leaders for its next. The two-weeks course will took place in Bangkok, Thailand, from February 26th – March 12th, 2018. It included workshops, lectures and exposure visits to local communities and peace initiatives.

On 4th March, from 10.30 AM – 12.30 PM, SEA Junction Director, Rosalia Sciortino, provided a lecture class on “Gender, Peace and Security” for participants who attend the two-weeks course on School of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation 2018 at SEA Junction. To illustrate how the necessary gender-sensitive approach to peace and conflict resolution is often lacking (in spite of rethoric) she used examples from Southeast Asia.

Photo by Rosalia Scoirtino, Kanyawee Seedabut