Brief Description

The launch of the photo exhibition took place on 15 December 2020 at 5.30 – 6.30 pm, where the photographer John Hulme together with representatives from Mekong Migration Network (MMN) and invited speakers gave a brief talk on the observations encountered on the field and the perspectives derived from interacting with migrant workers.

A selection of the photographs was showcased at the exhibition entitled “Resilience and Uncertainty: Mekong Migrant Workers Amid the Pandemic Downturn” by MMN in collaboration with SEA Junction, on 15-20 December 2020 at the corner space, 1st floor, BACC. The exhibition provided a platform to showcase the images and stories of migrant workers taken on the field.

It is our hope that these images by photographer John Hulme served not only to raise awareness of the lives of migrant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to build empathy by enabling the general public to look through the lens of another. We also hope that it acted as a means to illustrate how complex systems, whether in relation to migration policies or social protection policies, can impact migrants’ lives, further initiating a discussion on existing problems and possible solutions.

Lattapol Jirapathomsakul