Brief Description

The opening talk of the photo exhibition “The Mekong is Blue and Dried” was launched on 16 March 2021, as on the same day as the first day of the photo exhibition. It was inspired by the Special Initiative launched by SEA Junction since 2019 supported by Samdhana Institute calling for photo submissions accompanied by art/story of the degradation situation as well as the community coping strategies resulting from the existing dam operations. The opening was done in English on the issues of the Mekong by the speakers from diverse background to enrich the discussion. It started at 5:30 – 7 pm at Corner Space, 1st Floor, BACC where the exhibition is held.


Anthony Zola, Independent Researcher
Carl Middleton, Center for Social Development Studies, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University
Premrudee Daoroung, Lao Dam Investment Monitor
Laure Siegel, Freelance Journalist


Rosalia Sciortino, SEA Junction

Lattapol Jirapathomsakul and Tom Vater