Brief Description

On 15 January 2017, SEA Junction in collaboration with the Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium based at the University of Sussex, UK, launched a comic and panel discussion on “Precarious Migration; Voices of Undocumented Cambodian Migrants” from 4.30 to 6.30 pm at SEA Junction.  A research was conducted in Cambodian villages close to the Thai-Cambodian border since September 2013. The researchers were struck by the number of families that had one or more members migrating in search of work to support their family and aimed to explore the dynamics of migration and relations within the household and the contribution that migration made to livelihoods.

Speakers included:

  1. Il Oeur, Analyzing Development Issues Centre (ADIC), Phnom Penh
  2. Robert Nurick, Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium, University of Sussex School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne



Rosalia (Lia) Sciortino, Dewi Ratnawulan and Yanin Wongmai.