The short documentary was shown at SEA Junction on 24 July on 6PM-8PM ต่อยอดชีวิตหลัง 30 บาท or Living Beyond “30 Baht” (in Thai with English subtitles) reveals the tip of this iceberg of inequities by showing the human face of a handful of ‘cases’. By disclosing the struggle and resilience of ordinary Thais who cope with illnesses, ageing and disabilities with the support from the 30 Baht insurance and other schemes, this short documentary aims to raise awareness of the importance of social and health protection, and the need to go beyond numbers and clinical settings to a more values-based and empathy-driven vision of what it is needed to attain good health.

This documentary was made possible by grant funding from the Equity Initiative ( which is supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies and the China Medical Board.


Photo by Rosalia Sciortino and Kanyawee Seedabut