Bulding a multi-purpose space


Brief Description
SEA Junction renovation started on 15 May and lasted until end of June, with few small improvements still being done in July. The previous tenant Thai Art Archive graciously left the library on the left and right side of the room and the carpet, and the architect Attayut Piravinich and his firm _ISM Interior Architecture Workshop kindly donated time and creativity working at the renovation pro bono. The back part of the room was totally renovated to reduce the space of the storage and create place for few work station and to enlarge the room to allow for larger events; a back library with place for a television was built; the light station in the centre of the room was removed; everything was re-painted; and ornamental wooden columns were added in front and in the library as a motif common in wooden houses and other buildings across Southeast Asia. To ensure that the venue would serve for the diverse institutional purposes of SEA Junction, a television for screening movies, a projector with screen for presentations and most recently rails for hanging pictures and photographs during exhibitions were added.


Rosalia Sciortino, SEA Junction Founder & Executive Director