Brief Description

On 11 June 17, there were two shows of Laotian artists of Garavek Theatre, Luang Phrabang, performed at 1 – 3 PM and at 4.30 – 6.30 PM. The team is composed by Siphai Thammavong, who act as the storyteller and Vongsakhone Anousone, a musician who plays the khene, a handmade bamboo mouth organ.

The storyteller presented a selection of traditional Lao stories in English, with the live musical accompaniment of the khene. In the background images of Lao country related to the stories are screened.

The stories range from Luang Prabang-specific to tales that are popular all over Laos, telling about the origins of such local landmarks as Mount Phusi, the Mekong, and the Nam Khan River, and tell about such legendary characters as Xieng Mieng, the archetypal trickster, and Fa Ngum, the first king of Lan Xang.



Siphai Thammavong, Rosalia (Lia) Sciortino and Yanin Wongmai