Brief Description

Since the world has realised now how deeply humans interconnect with nature following the burst of the Covid-19 pandemic, several ideas have been tossed to help it shape a new economic course that is not only more sustainable, but also more resilient to any shocks caused by nature. Buzz words like ”Build Back Better” ”Build Back Greener” ”Green Recovery” are picking momentum and gaining more and more seriousness from policy makers. There have recently been renewed efforts in the international community to integrate natural assets into the recovery packages as well as the long-term development path. Valuing and measuring these assets and ways to integrate them into such the packages and path are being explored seriously. The questions are; whether we can shift the destructive economic course with these ideas into a more sustainable and resilient one this time, and whether we can do it in time, before the next pandemic strikes us.

As the year-end was approaching, the Dialogue Forum looked back to the challenges in the year brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, and looked forward to all these attempts both in international community and in Thailand and the region in its Year-end Dialogue Forum: Green Recovery: Moving beyond the Pandemic, at BACC (Bangkok Art and Culture Centre), Multi-Function Room (1st Floor) on 22 December 2020.

Sayan Chuenudomsavad/Bangkok Tribune