Dear Friends of SEA Junction,

I hope you are doing well in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and the many unjustified conflicts and abuses committed all over the world. SEA Junction continues to pursue its mission of raising awareness of crucial issues in Southeast Asia, creating space for discussion and action, and advocating for more just solutions. Whenever possible, we also provide support through granting activities to civil society groups and marginalized communities to overcome ongoing crises.

As you have seen from our activities, generally we are doing well. We have been able to overcome COVID-19 and lockdowns by diversifying our programs and experimenting with online technologies and visual storytelling. Our recent initiatives, particularly our commitment to Burma through multiple fora and exhibitions, have been widely appreciated as reflected in increased media and public attention.

Our finances are sound, yet I am writing to you to ask for exceptional support to fund together with other partners the expansion of our space. As you are aware our room is small (40 meters) and with the COVID-19 containment requirements we can no longer squeeze 60 plus people during crowded events. We have had to limit our attendance to avoid “SEA Junction outbreaks” 🙂 Also the library and an increased number of volunteers and staff are putting a strain on our space.

We were, therefore, very glad when the venue that hosts us, the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center or BACC, aware of our challenges and in appreciation of our contribution to the overall Center, offered us the space next door after it became vacant. Although hesitant because of the increased responsibility, we have jumped at the opportunity to break the wall and create a double-sized venue (84 meters). The architect who shaped the original space, Attayut Piravinich has kindly agreed to design the unified space maintaining the same ‘comfy’ style and we will start constructions after the design is approved by BACC with the hope to complete it by May.

To realize this dream venue, we really need your support and hope you can consider a donation to contribute to our expansion. As you can see below, we propose various goals and payment options. All donations, whatever the size, are gratefully accepted since they will help to collectively reach the needed threshold of USD 25,000. These funds will cover the construction and equipment costs and 1 year of rent and deposit, so as not to deplete our savings and give us time to source new capital for an amplified functioning without compromising our programs. 

I hope you appreciate our work and how far we have made it since our beginning six years ago this June and can see the importance and necessity of expanding our venue. Without your support, financial and otherwise, we would not have become an established venue for the region and now we count on you again to ensure we can better operate in the years ahead.

Thank you for being our friend and supporting our mission and growth!

Lia and the SEA Junction team

Suite 407-8, BACC, 939 Rama 1 Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Telephone: +66-97-002-4140 (Call / Signal / Whatsapp), Email:
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Your donation will contribute to our construction needs as follows
(and will be acknowledged accordingly on our dedicated website page unless you tell us otherwise):


Design and planning Any amount up to USD 100  
Tables and chairs USD 100 to USD 250
TV, projector and other equipment USD 250 to USD 500


Exhibition arrangements and display stands USD 500 to USD 1,000
Front space USD 1,000 to USD 2,000
Library USD 2,000 and above
Payment guidelines

Donations can be made by transferring to our dedicated bank account in any currency as it will be converted to Thai Baths by the bank (TBH):

Account name:   Foundation for Southeast Asia Studies

Account No:       043-7-18114-2

Bank:                     TMBThanachart (ttb)

Branch:                 MBK Center


Telephone no:    +66 9 7002 4140

(please inform us of the transfer so we will be able to identify the sender)

We also have other bank accounts in Europe, US, Indonesia and Singapore that we can provide details on request, but please note that they are in our Director’s name.

For those in the US who wish to have tax deductions for the donation please let us know and we will introduce you to our fiscal sponsor Partners Asia.

Another convenient option is to donate with credit cards via PayPal by clicking below:


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