SEA Junction is a public venue that can be used for informal conversations and small encounters for diverse constituencies. Everybody who has something to share on Southeast Asia or one of its countries can inform us and we will gather a small group with similar interests. We hope that people traveling from neighboring countries will let us know in advance of their plans so that we can share the information and ensure it can become an opportunity for cross-learning.

Making use of BACC’s meeting facilities more formal programs can be organized, which includes meetings, seminars, lectures, exhibitions and workshops.  Yearly a series of 4 seminars will be proposed on particular themes, but we look forward to collaborate with other partners for other events on Southeast Asia,

Three types of BACC facilities are of particular relevance to SEA Junction:

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms on the 4th and 5th floor are ideal for meetings, seminars, lectures and workshops with a capacity ranging from 10 to 50 people. – See more



The studio on the 4th floor of BACC is an experimental space with capacity of 150-200 people. It can be used for many different events from live performances to installations and many more. See more


Multi-function Room

The multi-function room,  on the 1st floor of BACC has 250-300 seatand is ideal for conferences, seminars, talks and meetings. – See more