Arts and Crafts

Crafts and arts are an integral component of our effort to highlight Southeast Asia in its richness and diversity. Our venue reflects this approach being adorned by art and craft from the region.

We regularly hold art and craft workshops including on glass paintings, textiles, music and art design. We also organize art and photo exhibitions on a wide range of issues in our venue as well as in larger spaces at BACC. We further expose the work of photographers in a special section entitled “Glimpses of Southeast Asia” on our website and through our social media.

Small handicraft items, not usually seen and not yet “polished” and “standardized” for large-scale commercial purposes are also available in our venue. Once a month, we hold a Mini Book and Craft Fair focusing on Southeast Asia for fund-raising purposes to sustain SEA Junction’s funding and activities. Besides books, we display different types of crafts from Southeast Asian countries for all to enjoy and appreciate, for example:

  • Papier-mâché from Myanmar and the Philippines;
  • Meter tapes and sand doll from Vietnam;
  • Handmade bags and postcards from Thailand; and
  • Puppets made from recycled paper and batik pencil cases from Indonesia.