Volunteering your time and skills is of great value to SEA Junction and its mission. There are a variety of ways in which you can volunteer, from sharing your knowledge and help us carry out day-to-day functions as a library and cultural center to helping organize events and promoting SEA Junction’s mission.

For SEA Junction to succeed, it is essential to become known among a wide range of stakeholders. You can assist us in advocating for the importance of promoting exchanges on Southeast Asia as well as in spreading the word to your friends and relatives about the SEA Junction and its activities.

We also need help in identifying relevant events and activities in the region (including conferences, courses, fellowships, workshops, and resources) to make it available to our constituencies through the website and other social media.

For those in Bangkok you can help us staff SEA Junction and contribute to some of its activities. With our limited staff, we are highly dependent on volunteer support and from the very start we have greatly benefited from it in the cataloguing and labeling of library resources.

In the future, as SEA Junction grows, there will be internship opportunities in our venue. We also hope that as the number of events increases you will be interested in attending them as well as contributing to their promotion and organization.

So please do contact us at southeastasiajunction@gmail.com to join hands!