This site is dedicated to SEA Junction, a Bangkok-based cultural center focused on Southeast Asia. More specifically, the “About Us” sections explain SEA Junction and its being born out of a movement of donators and volunteers.

What We Do” details the activities SEA Junction undertakes to achieve is mission of facilitating cross-learning and exchanges on Southeast Asia, trough its reading room and the facilitation of formal and informal meetings, profiling of arts and craft of the region and commentaries.

The “Library” section is an important knowledge resource as it consist of an e-library version of our collection with resources for download when available in pdf format as well as info on new arrivals to the SEA Junction library.

The “Gallery” provides pictures of SEA Junction activities as well as profiling the work of photographers, professional and not, on Southeast Asia.

How to Engage” sets out ways for you to support SEA Junction through volunteering, donating and, in the future, also buying of selected products.

Highlights” is meant as a resource center to share information on courses, conferences, opportunities by other organizations that are related to Southeast Asia.

Contact Us” provide contact information on how to reach out to us.