Brief Description

SEA Junction provided a two-days orientation to a group of Thai youth selected to participate in the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP) 2016. In the morning of 29th September, Dr. Rosalia Sciortino, founder and executive director of SEA Junction, introduced the countries of the region and their socio-economic, political and cultural dimensions. And in the afternoon, Ramdani Sirait, former chair of the ASEAN Business Coalition, gave a talk on HIV-AIDS and how to address it through concerted efforts of government, civil society and business sector. Followed by the second day of the orientation, Ajarn Apichai Sunchindah, development expert of ASEAN, focused on ASEAN and the challenges of regional integration.



Lulu Sri Morisonya Mauludiana and Yanin Wongmai.