Dewi Ratnawulan

Community Outreach Officer

Dewi has extensive experience with gender and human rights issues, having worked with various NGOs and other human rights organizations since in 1992 in Indonesia. Projects she has been involved with have ranged from grass root level such as setting up a women’s cooperative for handicrafts in rural villages in Java to having co-founded a women’s resource centre Mitra Wacana in Yogyakarta.

More recently she has worked regionally to build capacities of NGOs and human rights defenders in the East Asia regions with special focus on supporting and strengthening the effectiveness of human rights regional mechanisms. Since 2010 she serves as an international consultant with Rapid Asia.

Dewi holds a Master of Human Rights and Democratization from Sydney University. She also holds a BA Honours in History and Politics from Wollongong University, Australia, and a Diploma Certificate on Administration Development from the Faculty of Economics at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.