Brief Description

On 2 July at 11 AM – 1 PM, SEA Junction hosted the launching of the book “Bangkok Rasa Lokal; Wisata Anti Mainstream di Bangkok dan Sekitarnya” or “Exploring Bangkok like Locals; Anti-Mainstream Destinations in Bangkok and Surroundings”. Written by three Indonesian women, Irene Diyah, Decita Tulyastri and Pungki Utami, the book is unique in that it presents their view of Bangkok, as inhabitants of the city, for an Indonesian public. There insights provide an alternative to mainstream guidebooks and stresses the importance of going off the most beaten tracks to discover more of Bangkok.

At the event two of the writers, Decita Tulyastri and Pungki Utami, shared their reasons to write the book and explain more about its content.



Yanin Wongmai and Rosalia Sciortino