Images of Daily Reality of sex workers at Can-Do bar in Chiang Mai, Thailand by Jittrapon Kaicome

Brief Description

These photographs portray the daily lives of the employees at Can-Do bar, an entertainment venue owned and managed by a group of sex workers from Empower in Chiang Mai. Exhibited at the corner space, 1st floor of BACC on 5 -17 November with a collaboration from Empower Foundation, the photographs highlight the right protection among the sex workers in Southeast Asia.
Despite being extensively publicized in academic papers, documentaries, opinions or other media platforms, only few people realize about the lives of sex workers.

About the photographers

Jittrapon Kaicome is an emerging Thai photographer, who has worked with sex workers of EMPOWER to create a photo series to make the work of sex work more visible. Apart from this, he has also actively engaged in displaying other social issues including environmental degradation and climate changes via multiple photo series. For his online galleries, click