Images of normality in the shadow of conflict by Yostorn Triyos


Brief Description

Photographer Yostorn Triyos exhibited his photographs in the exhibition “Grey Zones” organized by the Cross-Cultural Foundation (CrCF), APT, and Realframe in collaboration with SEA Junction on 11-23 in the Corner Space of BACC.  With this work, he aims to show the resilience of people in the Southern part of Thailand who go ahead with their daily life in the midst of growing tensions.

The photos in black, white and gray show families, children in schools, people in the market or in sacred places and aim to introduce Southern Thailand to the rest of the country and beyond. The photographer as an outsider tries to reveal Thai deep south’s so-called “gray zones”, images of normality in the shadow of conflict. These images rarely reach the media, but are important to “humanize” the people affected by conflict.


Thai photographer Yostorn Triyos is the founder of REALFRAME and has an interest in portraying people in vulnerable situations. For his work visit the website of his group or the facebook page