Images of Daily Reality of the Moken in Southern Thailand by Yostorn Triyos

Brief Description

These photographs portray the daily life of the Moken people in Southern Thailand.  Moken is one of sea nomad indigenous sub-groups living in solitaire and peacefulness in islands in the Indian Ocean from Myanmar and Thailand to the archipelagoes in the Philippines. However, as their ways of live have been threatened under the control by modern state, the Moken inevitably encounters daily struggles including an involuntary re-settlement on land and the adjustment of their daily habits due to external social influences including media, tourism and environment.

As a result, this has led to various environmental and health concerns to their community from unhygienic lifestyle to over crowdedness.

About the Photographer

Yostorn Triyos is a photographer and founder of REALFRAME and has an interest in portraying people in vulnerable situations. For his work, visit the website of his group