In times when society has widened with gaps and differences of views and opinions, one issue could escalate into a crisis if there are no platforms available for appropriate discussion among all concerned.

Realising such critical roles, Bangkok Tribune in partnership with its partners, and with the support of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Thailand Office, has therefore come up with a policy forum on critical development and environmental issues under the project, Dialogue Forum.

This is to facilitate and provide a space for discussions and exchanges of dialogues and views on development and environmental issues up to the policy level both in Thailand and the Mekong region. It therefore not only bridges the gap but also connects the dots, helping forge better understanding among the parties concerned and the public at large and encourage them to make a better decision about the issues or even find common ground or seek solutions together.

Since 2020, the forum has invited a number of parties to come and discuss the issues at the forum; several of them are scholars and leaders in their fields. They have reached some common ground while recommending and proposing new policies for the issues discussed such as Green Recovery in post-Covid-19, climate change, biodiversity in crisis, dam development in the Mekong Basin, and others.

In 2023, Thailand is going through another transition as Thai people voiced out at the May 14 election that they wanted change and they decided to vote unprecedentedly for a new party of the young generation to lead, Move Forward Party. Aside from “the state policies and duties”, every government’s task is to develop sound policies and plans to move the country forward. There has been discussion on the best way forward among the public and sustainable development is just back to the scene. The challenge is; whether to accomplish this goal if there is no integration of a strong foundation of the environment.

As Thailand is going to enter a new chapter of politics, it’s interesting to see how environmental policies will be addressed to help support the development path as wished by the people.

The Dialogue Forum took this opportunity to explore the idea at its first forum of this year, Environmental Policies and Challenges in the New Politics on July 19, 2023, 1-3.30 pm at SEA-Junction, BACC’s building (4th Floor).


  • To produce critical and constructive content and policy recommendation that is of the public interest in order to raise public awareness and boost public knowledge and understanding as well as inspiration all to mobilize desirable “social forces” that can help address issues of importance in the society and sustain a free and fair society (Inform & Inspire)
  • To create a space and body of in-depth knowledge as well as an innovative media platform (Dialogue Forum) that is independent and in-depth for the public (Indie & In-depth)
  • To empower the public to be able to keep up with developments as well as repercussions in society, and level up meaningful conversations and discussions for better understanding among the public here and abroad (Empowering)
  • To promote public participation in problem-solving and decision-making processes (Inclusive & Participatory)
  • To promote the development of innovative and constructive media so that it can remain open and accessible to all (Open & Accessible)


  •, Thai PBS
  • The Thai Society of Environmental Journalists (Thai SEJ)
  • SEA-Junction
  • Bangkok Tribune Online News Agency

Supported by

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Thailand Office

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