Pro-bono Services

Year 2020

  • Ifa Isfansyah
    Discussion for the movie screening of “Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku (Memories of My Body)” on 14 November
  • John Hulme
    Documentary photographer of the photo exhibition “Resilience and Uncertainty: Mekong Migrant Workers Amid the Pandemic Downturn” on 15-20 December
  • Naruemon Chaingam
    Public discussion and workshop on the art and culture of Isaan “‘Four Elements’ Handmade Clay Jewelry” collaborated with Tontrakul Kaewyong for the special Isaan music instrument performance on 18 July
  • Philip Cornwel-Smith
    Book discussion “Very Bangkok: In the City of the Senses” on 19 February
  • Renzo Guinto
    Public talk “Protecting Human Health in the era of Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities in Southeast Asia” on 30 January

Year 2019

  • Anita Bose
    Book discussion “Ramayana: Footprints in Southeast Asian Culture and Heritage” on 21 November
  • Belle Phromchanya and Jiraporn Laocharoenwong
    Movie screening and discussion “Capital of Mae La”” on 18 May
  • Dorn Bouttasing
    Movie screening and discussion “Let’s Love” on 9 February
  • Garrett Kam
    Book launch “Balinese Keris. Metal, Masculinity, Magic” on 14 July
  • Gerda Liebmann
    Artist and coordinator of “Inside Out; Bodymaps of Bangkok Refugees” on 19 March – 7 April
  • Giuseppe Di Mauro
    Photographer of the 5th event of the “The Rice of Southeast Asia” Series: Photo Exhibition “Rice Terraces in the Greater Mekong Sub-region” during 3-15 December
  • Jeanne Marie Hallacy
    Documentary screening and discussion “Amae, Thamee, Ama” (“Mother, Daughter, Sister)” on 11 January
  • Jeffery Sng
    Book discussion “A History of the Thai-Chinese” on 18 October
  • Jittrapon Kaicome
    Photographer of photo exhibition “Sex Work is OUR Work” during 15-17 November
  • Kwanpoom Vilaival
    Workshop “Silk-Screen Printing Created from Ayutthaya Stencil Patterns” on February 23 and workshop “Drawing Birds from Lai Rot Nam Decorations” on 21 April
  • Patcharin Lapanun
    Book launch “Love, Money and Obligation” on 24 September
  • Saepudin and Wati Astuti (Circa Handmade Indonesia)
    Workshop on Indonesian dolls on 26-27 October
  • Sidney Jones
    Public talk “Pro-ISIS Networks in Southeast Asia” on 30 May
  • Yostorn Triyos & Realframe
    Photographer of the photo exhibition ‘’Gray Zones” on 11-23 June

Year 2018

  • Alissa Wahid
    Public talk “Finding Us Among I’s: Challenged Pluralism in Indonesia” on 18 February
  • Ayu Christina
    Workshop East Javanese Batik on 2-4 March
  • Erica Hestu Wahyuni
    Art Workshop “Play with Paint” on 9 September
  • Eva Rapoport
    Photographer of the photo exhibition “Living among the Dead: Disparity in Manila North Cemetery” on 21-29 April
  • Father Greg Sutomo
    Conversation on the “Ups and Downs of Interfaith Dialogue in Southeast Asia” on 27 March
  • Irwan Julian
    Show and tell introduction to the “Intricacies of West Timor Textiles and Weaving Techniques” on 29 September
  • Jerrold W. Huguet
    Class on Migration and Health Policy (open to students) on 20 April
  • John Hulme
    Photographer of photo Exhibition “Born in Limbo” 4-9 September
  • Lawan Jirasuradej
    Public lecture “The New Soundscape of Southeast Asia” on 27 October
  • Kwanpoom Vilaiwan
    Painting workshop on Thai floral watercolor cards on 10-11 November
  • Palani Narayanan
    Public talk “Decriminalization of Drugs: Utopia or Reality in Southeast Asia” on 25 October
  • Phil Robinson, Human Rights Watch
    Speaker on various events
  • Theresa W. Devasahayam
    Book Launch “Ensuring a Square Meal: Women and Food Security in Southeast Asia” on 1 December

Year 2017

  • Bang Khnai Music Band
    Concert of Thai string and musical instruments on 20 May
  • Catherine Raymond
    Public discussion “Myanmar Glass Paintings” on 6 August
  • Chedha Tigsanchali
    2nd Event Buddhist art in Southeast Asia: Public talk “Exploring Buddhist Art in Myanmar” on 29 October
  • Erica Hestu Wahyuni
    Naive painting class and exhibition on 25 February-5 March
  • Eva Rapoport
    Photographer of photo exhibition “Facing Trance in Indonesia” during 18-22 February in collaboration with Kuswarsantjo, an art lecturer and Kuda Lumping dancer
  • Garret Kam
    Public discussion “Fiery Funeral: Cremation Rites in Bali” on 21 December
  • Irwan Julianto and Jane Kurnadi
    Public talk “Qilins and Phoenixes: Indonesian Chinese Peranakan Batik” on 4 August followed by the textile exhibition on 4-6 August
  • Iskandar Harrdjodimuljo
    Indonesian reverse glass paintings exhibition on 15-22 April and “Garbage” Wayang making and coloring workshop on 16 April
  • Iwan Gunawa
    Angklung class on 8 & 22 April
  • Jeanne Hallacy
    Movie screening and public discussion “Sittwe” on 6 July
  • Jittima Pholsawek
    Art performer of the 2nd event of the “Rice of Southeast Asia” Series: “Rice Tales” on 12 August
  • Kwanpoom Vilaival
    Workshop on “Silk-screen printing created from Ayutthaya stencil patterns” on 13 August
  • Mahi Ramakrishnan
    Movie screening and public discussion “Bou (Bride)” on 15 December
  • Maria Serena I. Diokno
    Public lecture “Quo Vadis Philippines?” on 9 December
  • Michael Vatikiotis
    Public lecture “ASEAN Development at Fifty” on 25 July
  • Mutang Urud
    Movie screening and public discussion “The Borneo Case” on 7 July
  • Peter A. Jackson
    Public lecture “How Thai Media Made “Gay Bangkok” on 28 March
  • Rahman Mahmud
    Photographer of the photo exhibition “Harsh Life on Shore: Migrant Workers in the Thai Fishing Industry” on 28 January-5 February
  • Seelan Palay
    The visual artist of public lecture and art exhibition “Post-Traumatic Art Disorder: Aesthetics and Activism in Singapore” during 11-17 February
  • Tarawangsawelas
    Music performers of the 3rd event of The Rice of Southeast Asia Series: “Tarawangsa Harvesting Music” on 17 September
  • Virginia Henderson & Tim Webster
    Public lecture “The Making of Yangon Echoes” on 25 March
  • Yuthapong Maatwiset and his band
    Serng Bong Fai parade and rice blessing ritual for the 1st public lecture “Origin of Tai Ancient Rice Culture” in the series event “Rice of Southeast Asia” on 13 May

Year 2016

  • Apichai Sunchindah
    Orientation class for Thai SSEAYP 2016 on 29 and 30 September
  • Christine Chin
    Workshop clases on DIY drink coasters made of Southeast Asian textiles on 10 and 17 August 2016
  • Ramdani Sirait
    Orientation class for Thai SSEAYP 2016 on 29 and 30 September