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Call for Paper: The 5th SEASIA Biennial International Conference 2024

29 November, 2023 - 30 November, 2023

Deadline of Submission -November, 2023
Conference date- July 18-20, 2024


This conference is a platform for centering Southeast Asian scholarship within Asia.  Insofar as global academic metropoles are recognized centers of knowledge production, the notion of De/Centering involves the twin processes of provincializing capitals of power while affirming the unique and compelling contributions of, and from, the region. “De/Centering” is defined here as a shift in one’s analytical position away from a dominant center towards the periphery in order to strengthen expertise, amplify voices, and resist subordination in these peripheries.  De/Centering challenges the dominant narratives and perspectives historically centered in the “West” and its gaze on Southeast Asia, instead highlighting diverse and complex experiences, histories and cultures of the region as told by Southeast Asians themselves. Scholars from, and of, the region can take ownership of their own narratives and histories, which have often been erased, marginalized or misrepresented.

The 2024 edition of the SEASIA biennial international conference and movement comes a decade after the need for the platform was first conceived. Much has changed since that time, regionally and globally. Heightened political repression, online disinformation in the service of in-real-life manipulation, threats to Asian regional security from the Russia-Ukraine war, and conflict over land and seas between China and its neighbors, the devastation wrought by  the COVID19 pandemic crisis, the continuing strain of widening inequality, and calamitous climate change are among the most ominous of challenges that we face. As has been the case historically, Southeast Asian responses—from state and society alike—will matter. In what ways are these challenges salient to the  peoples of Southeast Asia and scholars on and from the region? As scholars, how do we advance instruction, research and outreach—toward what aims, and why? Do we enjoy the academic freedom to enable us in these pursuits? This conference seeks to promote a more nuanced understanding of the region, as well as provide a platform for Southeast Asians to reclaim their agency and identity. It  also aims to facilitate a more inclusive and equitable dialogue, creating an opportunity for mutual learning and understanding, engendering greater empathy, respect, and solidarity across epistemic communities. Rather than being exclusive, the platform is inclusive-opening new vistas critically rather than closing them.

  • Frontiers and Challenges in Autonomous Knowledge Production in Southeast Asia
  • Political and Governance
  • Changing Political Economy
  • Transnationalism in Southeast Asia
  • Performance and heritage: (Re)/Creating SEA
  • Social Life in Southeast Asia
  • Geopolitics, Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Global Ecological Crisis and Southeast Asia
  • Critical Perspectives on News Media and Emerging Digital Technologies

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29 November, 2023
30 November, 2023
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