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The 5th International Conference on Social and Political Science

30 October, 2019 - 31 October, 2019


Social movements have currently become an engaging issue due to its orientation towards social changes. Social movements have contributed to strengthening civil society because of their role as effective means to voice political opinions and interests that are usually antithetical with the authorities.At the same time, a strong civil society encourages the formation of a democratic tradition from the downstream, building a democratic culture that was destroyed by authoritarian rulers, or to build an alternative center of power.However, not all social movements are successful in strengthening the grassroots to respond to economic,social, and political problems. Therefore, it is important to understand the successes and failures of social movements in seeking changes at the global, as well as the local and national levels.

Current social movements are very diverse, both in the issues, the directions as well as the goalsof the struggle. Giddens (1985) classifies four types of social movements in modern societies, namely (a) Democratic movements that work for political rights; (b) Labor movements that work for control of the workplace; (c) Ecological movements that are concerned with the environment; and (d) Peace movements that work toward peace and etc. In recent development, social movements also focus on various other issues including legal assistance and religious, legal and other reforms.

New social movements have also been expanded in the modern era. Technological development has led to the emergence of virtual/digital social movements. New forms of social movements no longer appear only in real space, but also in virtual space. These rapid developments of social movements need further critical exploration. FISIP UIN Syarif Hidayatullah therefore intends to hold an International Conference on “New Social Movement: New Direction of Civil Society, the State and Socio-Political Integration”.

This conference will provide a space in which to discuss why some social movements succeed and others fail and to explore the impact of social movements might have on the contemporary social, economic and political changes.


The topics of the conference include:

  1. Poverty, Legal Aid and Institutional Reform
  2. Activism of Civil Society and the Challenges of Socio-Political Integration
  3. Resources, Development and Environmental Politics
  4. New Religious Movement: Identity Question and New Forms of Collective Action
  5. Shaping New Social Arena: Resource Mobilization Agenda in Industrial Revolution 4.0
  6. Labor, Capitalism and the Struggle for Social Transformation
  7. New Debates on Feminism, Women’s Movement and Gender Equality
  8. Revitalizing Old Networks for New Politics of the Nation-States
  9. Forming Social Movement: the Use of Virtual Media for Public Good
  10. Transnational Movement and Peace In the New World Order
  11. From National Civil Society to Global Education Networks
  12. Multiculturalism, Tolerance and the Trends in Justice and Equality
  13. Muslims and Politics in the Post Truth Era
  14. Millenial Generation and Online Society, the Quest of Hybrid Identity

Source: https://icsps.id/?fbclid=IwAR2csJvra5W6ERRRHDvYRcQelAAhzS5z_ck54UDiutb0HufozEJZ2dbZ0DY


30 October, 2019
31 October, 2019
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