Author : Empower Foundation
Publisher : Empower University Press (Chiang Mai)
Year : 2016
ISBN : None



The EMPOWER Foundation Thailand report Moving Toward Decent Sex Work and its summary explores the protections offered to Thai sex workers under civil law and the application of other labour mechanisms to sex work. It provides an overview of the Thai sex industry and argues that to develop a reform process, people must hear how exploitation is defined and experienced by Thai sex workers. Decent Sex Work provides recommendations which are appropriate to prevent and address exploitation in sex work. The report uses labour definitions provided by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to categorise existing forms of labour in the Thai sex industry as “Decent Work”, “Decent Work Deficits”, and “Unacceptable Forms of Work” and provides ways to improve and reform the Thai sex industry.

Contents include:

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Thai Entertainment Industry: Key Measures for Reform
  • Methodology
  • Definitions from our Understanding
  • Undefined
  • About Us
  • Sex Work in Thailand: Current Context
  • Decent Work in Thailand
  • Labour Law Framework Violations: Summary
  • Mapping the Continuum
  • Moving Towards Decent Sex Work
  • Sex Work and the Fishing Industry
  • Key Measures Proposed

This resource is useful because it provides a key examples of labour rights abuses experienced by sex workers in Thailand using International Labour Guidelines as well as Thai labour laws. It also clearly states ways that the labour rights of sex workers can be upheld in Thailand.

You can download this 112 page PDF below. You can also download the 14 page PDF summary below.

This resource is in English.

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