Brief Description

In addition to its functioning as a reading room, SEA Junction conducts public activities to foster understanding and appreciation of Southeast Asia in all its realities and socio-cultural dimensions. As 2019 approaches to an end, here we provide a review of our public events through their posters or other relevant illustrations. Not included are the classes, study visits and closed events we also provide for building the capacity of the young generation. We are proud of the diversity of topics addressed and the wide range of partners we have collaborated with to produce this intense and comprehensive annual program.

This, would not have been possible without the hard work of the SEA Junction team lead by Rosalia Sciortino and composed by Tipakson Manpati, Panupong Boontongchuay, Catha Go, Ella Nanda Sari and the many volunteers and internes who helped us. We also wish to thank the individuals and organizations that trusted and supported us, in particular our Founding and Enabling Partners.

Energized by these past efforts, we look forward to more opportunities to facilitate knowledge and interaction on Southeast Asia in the year to come!


Poster Design

Tipakson Manpati, Yanin Wongmai, and Rosalia Sciortino