Lessons for a Post-COVID World

Confronted with so many deaths of people I knew, I have attended too many zoom masses to learn that spending time with friends and family is important. We realize we can live without a lot of things. Things we used to think were essential. But the really valuable things are family, health, and prayers.

Dear COVID-19 Diary

A fourteen-day journal chronicles my journey with COVID-19. From the days in isolation in a facility my city set up for the infected, to my bittersweet homecoming to recover together with my daughter whom I infected with the virus. The story revolves around the immediate despair when I knew I was infected, the hopelessness of the situation as well as the uncertainty.

Women who Man the COVID-19 Vaccinations

Nearly 15 hours daily, Mondays to Saturdays. That’s how Marguerite Maguzzo spends six of the seven days of the week attending to people who are scheduled to receive their vaccinations against COVID-19. She is required to be at the vaccination site from as early as 7 a.m. to as late as 8 p.m. when the encoders have finished their work for the day.

Youth Night is Gone?

Khaosan Road, a well-known tourist destination and nightclub area, had a completely different landscape at the end of 2021 compared to this year crowded scene. The less cheerful atmosphere at the time reflected the fact that youth night was gone due to COVID-19 and containment restrictions.