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Open Call for Applications: Art and cultural practitioners who are facilitators or organizers of art and cultural events/projects (from Southeast Asia)

August 10 - October 20

The Professional Exchange Program is to support practitioners who are facilitators or organizers of art and cultural events/projects (including artists) from Southeast Asia to have the chance for a multi-week visit and exchange in Taiwan, hosted by an individual or an organization who has the related experiences and skills to help them develop the visiting practitioner’ personal and professional goals. The visiting practitioner also contributes to the host and art community of Taiwan by giving reflective observations and suggestions.

Taiwan Art Space Alliance, Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation, Hyper Wave and Mekong Cultural Hub also facilitates coordination and logistics of the exchange as needed.

Eligibility and criteria:

This Program is designed for Art and cultural practitioner who are:

  1. facilitators or organizers of art and cultural events/projects (including artists)
  2. from Southeast Asia ( Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Singapore, Malaysia)
  1. have been working at least for two years in arts and culture
  2. interested in exploring and observing art and culture ecosystem in Taiwan
  3. comfortable to publicly share their reflection or experience in art or culture through writing
  4. having publicly published articles related to arts and culture.

How does the program work?

Organizers will provide the visiting practitioner :

– Provide Accommodation (Studio/shared creative space) during the Program.

– Local transportation fee (up to the given limit based on actual expenses and with a given maximum NT2000 for 15 days).

– A round-trip economy class ticket.

– NT$ 6,000 for Living per month. (about USD$180)

– NT$ 16,000 for written creation (about USD$480)

– Visiting trip, connecting practitioner to cultural sites.

The visiting practitioner is required to:

– Give presentations in separate sessions of the 2024 Res Artist Conference and 2024 TASA Annual Meeting with Southeast Asia Professional Exchange Platform, which topic is regarding “Arts Residencies in Taiwan Today” and assess the current landscape of Art Residency in Taiwan and explore future opportunities.

– Meeting consultation on cultural policies organized by TAEF and attend Yushan Forum as Invited Guest.

– Produce 1 article ( 1.5 pages in English) about the observation of Taiwan Art-in-Residence now. The article will be presented in the publication platform about the AiR, and on the official website of TASA.

– Produce 1 article ( 2 pages in English) is to respond to The New Southbound Policy by Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (e.g.cultural exchange or policy comparison.), the article will be presented in the publication of Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation

– Participate one workshop

How can you apply for this program:

We only accept online applications. Please click on the following link:


fill out the application before the deadline (listed above). Applicants are required to upload personal information, a resident plan, and the contact information of your referee.

Should you have any questions about the 2024 TASA Open Call for Applications or submitting your proposal, or need assistance with access requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email: tasatw@gmail.com

This program responds to needs and requests from practitioners in the result of the review, which will be launched on the Facebook page and official website of TASA on June 25th 2024.

Our Organizers:

Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation founded in 2018, the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF) is the first policy-oriented think tank in Taiwan focusing on Southeast Asian and South Asian affairs and facilitating Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy (NSP). In the spirit of the NSP, the TAEF aims to promote comprehensive ties between Taiwan and the ASEAN countries, South Asian countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand through facilitating cooperation and exchanges in five major fields – think tanks, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society’s connectivity, young leaders initiatives, regional resilience, and cultural affairs – to consolidate a sense of regional community in Asia and establish long-term multifaceted partnerships.

Taiwan Art Space Alliance , (hereinafter “TASA”) entitled TASA was established in 2016. It integrates dozens of art villages and art spaces across Taiwan and holds regular meetings every year across Taiwan to discuss the position and role of artists in residence (AiR) in contemporary art through an annual series of meetings and lectures. TASA was to serve as a platform for the exchange and integration of resources among artists in residence (AiR) and art spaces throughout Taiwan. In addition, by connecting organizations and planning events, TASA endeavors to improve and strengthen the overall environment for art and culture in Taiwan, while attracting new energy in promoting international cooperation and expanding the global network among art institutions.

Our Partner:

Mekong Cultural Hub (MCH), MCH’ s mission is to empower diverse cultural practitioners to bring their visions for an inclusive, sustainable Mekong Region to life. Since 2018, we have connected more than 150 practitioners from the region for professional exchange, co-creation and collaboration.

MCH works with people whose own work is at the intersection of arts and society. We initiate projects and work on collaborations all around Asia. Our priority focus countries are Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Its aim is to develop and connect resources and experience from across the region, building bridges and creating spaces for reflection and innovation so emerging artists and arts leaders can collectively create, influence, and transform the contexts in which they are living and working.

Host for the Program:

Hyper Wave (Yilan 宜蘭), which is Located in the center of Luodong City, Wave Space is the first contemporary art exhibition and residency space in Yilan. They hope to inject more art and cultural energy, open up Yilan’s international connections, and bring in outstanding artists from home and abroad so that more people will recognize Yilan’s Luodong’s unique humanistic flavor. The art group ‘Hyper Wave’ began with artists selected by the Ministry of Culture’s 2020 ‘MIT’ project. The name originates from the mutation and uncertainty of contemporary art, positioning themselves as artistic ronin. They place the characteristics of contemporary art creation within environments to engage in artistic dialogues.

Supported by:

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

National Culture and Arts Foundation


August 10
October 20
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