Images of women in Myanmar (Burma) participating in the protests against the military coup

Brief Description

Women have been an integral part of the upcoming movement in Myanmar, often being on the frontline in spite of the danger of being killed, wounded, arrested, tortured, and the increased risk of sexual harassment and violence. Women challenge the dictatorship as well as the patriarchal norms, misogyny, and sexism rooted at its core. The idea of impurity of women and their relegation to the domestic domain has been confronted by exposing “feminine” attributes in public. The collection showed how wide-spreads, diverse and empowering women’s leadership and participation has been and continues to be in opposition to the Tatmadaw (military).

Photos were taken by a collective of recent graduates in journalism in Burma who have been covering the protests from all around the country under the umbrella of the Myanmar Project and collected by the members of the institute of the women’s league of Burma.