Glimpses of Southeast Asia

In this section we present the work of photographers, both professional and non, that focus on the various aspects of Southeast Asia. We thank them for allowing us to use their work and share with the SEA Junction community.

Food for the Gods

Cacalan: Balinese Rice-Dough Offering Figures by Garret Kan

Santacruzan Procession

A celebration of faith and tradition in the Philippines by Eva Rapoport

The People of Mahakan Fort

Living behind the walls by Janusz Daga

Kuda-Kuda Lumping (Flat Horses) Performance

Javanese trance dance by Eva Ropoport

A Bike View of Jakarta

Dalily Iife in Indonesia's capital city by Arnaldo Pellini

The Golok (Dagger) from Ciomas

Weapons and mysticism in Banten, Indonesia by Gabriel Facal and Yohan Gruzon