Glimpses of Southeast Asia

In this section we present the work of photographers, both professional and non, that focus on the various aspects of Southeast Asia. We thank them for allowing us to use their work and share with the SEA Junction community.

“Semua Suka Soekarno”/“All Love Soekarno”

A testimony to the enduring popularity of the first President of the Republic of Indonesia by Toto Santiko Budi

The Beauty of Southeast Asia's Mosque Architecture

A look at the blended styles of mosques (masjid in Indonesian/Malay) in Indonesia, Malaysia and Southern Thailand by Yanin Wongmai

Women at Work in Southeast Asia

Women's invaluable economic contribution by Riefka Dachlan

Elderly: the Forgotten Generation

Lives of elderly people in Southeast Asia by Leya Cattleya

Art in Indonesia

A taste of the richness of Indonesian arts by Djaduk Ferrianto

Scenes of Indonesia

Picturesque portraits of locations across the Indonesian Archipelago by Djaduk Ferrianto