Military’s Oppression and Resistance Groups in Karenni (Kayah) State

Kayah State -now called as- Karenni State becomes one of the most active states of the country in resilient fights and growing numbers of freedom fighters. The state, having the long history of political resistance and presence of two major ethnic armed organizations become one of the revolution’s prominent places where different groups of young freedom fighters, including K.N.D.F (Karenni National Defense Force) shelter as training grounds and battle area to control the state against the military.

April 2023 Agenda

This month, we are focusing on the pressing issue of migration in Southeast Asia. It begins with a photo exhibition highlighting the lives and labour of migrant workers in Thailand’s fishing and seafood processing industry.

Why Should Taiwan’s Civil Society Raise Its Focus on Southeast Asia and Forge Concrete Collaborations?

While Taiwan gradually receives interest from all over the world, including Southeast Asia, “the world” used to signify only China and the United States to the Taiwanese government and society. Located at the crossroads of Northeast and Southeast Asia and frequently using the slogan “The Heart of Asia” in its global tourism advertisements, it had, however, rarely shared the same interests and consciousness with its southern neighbours.

Standing Up for Justice

The story follows two civil servants from Myanmar who joined the Civil Disobedience Moment after the military junta forcefully took over in a violent coup. It highlights their resilience and unbreakable desire to end dictatorships in Myanmar as they take on various roles to continue supporting the Spring Revolution.