Grief on Christmas Eve

My precious son was one of the 35 victims, including children and women, who were burned and slain by the military on December 24 (Christmas Eve), 2021 in Hpruso Township, Kareni State. I understand that I am not the only parent who has lost a child but it is still not easy to accept the awful news and I have been sobbing alone under the tree every day

Hero: My Inspiring Father’s Stand for Democracy in Myanmar

My father took care me alone by selling lottery for our livelihoods and my education path. When the military staged the coup in Myanmar in February 2021, he was against the coup and participated in the protest although he is a veteran. One day in March, my father was shot by soldiers in the street during protest and died later. I did not give up my hopes for restoring democracy and keep fighting for what I believe till now. My father is a hero for me in every way what he had done for me and his beloved country, Myanmar.


I am having mixed feelings of guilt, insecurity, loss, and emptiness, and depression and pessimistic thoughts have been constantly overwhelming me. I still have the ones who are standing by my side, and I am very lucky to have parents who did not push me or force me to go back to study under the military regime.

Who Cares? COVID-19 Social Protection Response in Southeast Asia: Chapter 4 “Left Behind” in Thailand’s Pursuit of Economic Recovery

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand, like in the rest of the world, have transcended public health. The country’s containment measures and strict border control in 2020 limited the toll on human life, but its economy was among the worst affected in Southeast Asia, contracting 6.1 percent for the year after growing 2.4 percent in 2019 (ADB 2022)